Glam Rock Lumberjack : Finale

I am really happy with the unique hero prop I made for the character and I feel I matched their styles really well. I’m also happy with the pose I choreographed the character into after rigging. Though I plan to go back at a later date and adjust some of the rigging deformations to reduce…

Goldilocks The Warrior Bear! : Finale

I really enjoyed creating this character however I feel the plinth could also be developed further. I definitely will be working on the props more post handin. I feel like the rig of this low poly character was really successful. Especially because I learnt a lot about creating and deforming custom biped bones for additional…

Little Red : Finale

This character tackled realism in a way that allowed me to learn and develop my skills in collecting my own photo reference, revising subjects like fabric drapery and the anatomy across different age ranges. Originally the concept was based around a younger age. But since girls grow up faster, I decided to age Little Red…

Astro Pig : Finale

I am satisfied with the style, theme and execution of this character however I feel I could take it further by developing the plinth and minor environment effects to show off the character. If I were to increase the budget of this character, I would create some sci-fi style emissive’s to push the character’s theme….

Grandma Wolf

The biggest challenge of this character was tackling the werewolf metamorphosis while retaining the calming granny aesthetic. During early stages of the project the design was getting creepier and creepier, so I had to constantly reference other artists and famous elderly women from shows like ‘Golden Girls’ to bring a warming sense of familiarity to…

Little Red : Week 1

This character is a contemporary take on the classic folktale Little Red Riding Hood. The Character will be a realistic style however will hint towards stylistic fashion trends and will reference the new youth culture of memes, pop culture and the millennial reawakening of 80’s and 90’s fashion.

Lumber Jack : Action Plan

To do list.. create hair alphas finish texturing and editing material shaders in Marmoset re-sculpt folds into the low poly clothing finish modeling the AXE-ophone bake a high poly sculpt for the face details with poly-painted makeup. rig the and pose model Project Concerns from the previous week… substance painter files corrupted 3 times in one…

Understanding Representation in Media

I created this illustration as a fan-art tribute to a show called ‘Looking’. I wanted to create something that expressed a slight romance and confusion.

What Big Teeth You Have Grandma

topology correction for deformation purposes Tail Iterations: I al still working towards finding the right shape and silhouette to match the style of my granny. I also plan to add a few alphas to the base of the tail mesh to create a more dynamic and realistic appearance.