The History of Pin-up Art: Week 1 (Helmeted Character)

This project I want try out some innovative theme subversions. Looking directly at 1970’s and 1940’s fashion. Especially focusing on the “pin-up” art style, wich often only represents women in an idealised playful style to mass produce posters which were intended promote various products in pre-war pop culture.


Week 2 : Back Rolls?

Further Research: Throne Concept Development translating iconic drag queens and sleek royal aesthetic into one design that still feels believable and connects back to my own drag queens style. Character Concept: Iterative Refining Learning to master Polypaint and creating highpoly details which i baked down onto my low poly model. From this point I had…

Queen of The Dead : Week 1 Progress

The first day back you can find HERE. Now here’s what went down the rest of the week… I began to start revising my character by giving the drag queen more background information. Thinking about… How old were they? 28-35 How did they die? From their Asphyxiation Fetish What sort of world were they from?…

Killer Instinct Fan Art

Environment interpretation for a level based around the character, Mira from Killer Instinct.