Fast & Fantasy (Week 1 : WoW Diorama)

My design is based around the Emerald Dream Realm in ‘World of Warcraft’ which represents a land of untamed nature and mysterious natural magic. I wanted to merge character art into this project by taking the Lore behind the scene even further; therefore I will create a statue duo and use the diorama as a shrine for the story of the goddess Elune and her deer friend, Malorne.

Pin-up inspired, Semi-Armored Ice Cream Man (week 3)

The project was called “Helmeted Character”… But why be all serious and make aggressive army men, when you can make a pin up inspired Ice Cream Man.

You scream, I scream, we all scream for.. Unique design’s?

Moustache’s for Movember: Week 2

Here the high poly character bust. Which I went on to re-mesh in a program called topogun which I taught myself this project. I am considering using this program to control the topology around the trousers, however I stuck to used zbrush’s topology tools for that task so far. After re-topology, I took my low…