Style Matrix Finale!

Drag Queen Of The Dead:


This character was based on a lost nation where drag queens truly ran the world & all that is left is the queen, asphyxiated on their throne. I tested the character in Unreal Engine as a game ready assetand you can see that for yourself in previous blogposts such as…

She Is Beauty, She is Grave, She’s Miss Asphyxia… The Breathtaking Drag Queen!

Find out more / view the character in 3D at…

Helmeted Character:


3 week Uni project focused around learning a bit of hard surface and subverting occupations into unique game ready NPC’s. For this character I subverted an Ice Cream Man Into a quirky weaponized Antagonist.

Find out more / view the character in 3D at…

World of Warcraft Diorama:


Here’s my final 3 week project. This small, stylised, hand-painted diorama uses unreal engine 4.11 and various channel packed texturing methods to achieve very low budget VFX with really helped bring life to the scene. You can find a shot “In-Game” video matinee of the diorama at…

To find out more / View the initial concepts and Scene, follow the link below…



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