Artist Statement

As an artist I take a playful and explorative approach through my work, seeking to synthesise an understanding of current theoretical, philosophical and methodological paradigms in a visual way. My background in tradition art and illustration delve into multiple styles, genres, techniques & processes throughout my work. Including elements from printmaking, traditional 3D sculpting and transitioning those skills into digital artwork and 3D software. Studying a multitude of art forms informs my design choices with each new skill-set acquired. For example, my anatomy skills from life drawing directly influence my visual acuity whist working with the 3D form, aiding me in creating life like designs in some of my latest character projects. Since studying the fundamentals of these creative practices, I’ve been edging ever closer towards my main goal of becoming a professional 3D character artist.

Before creating a character, a lot of work has to be collated in order to focus and assemble a project schematic highlighting key design objective. I research other artwork and illustrate my own initial thesis to help make decisions for the following types of criteria… Project styles, target audience, colour pallet, etc. These design constraints help create a clearer picture to build from. During the creation of my character I refer back to my initial design collation, to begin iterating and blocking out a 3D mesh. In this period I make the decisions about what dimensions I want the character to be, how many triangles will the model be made from. What size textures will be used on the character and which parts of the model should have the most detail. I make these decisions by researching what budgets and specifications are used in the contemporary game industry. After I finished making the character I decide how I want to present and display my model in game as well as online as a self-promotional piece. I do this by following my online portfolio format and researching other promotional posters for professional standard published character render.

In one of my latest character projects The Dichotomous Duo, I was freely able to explore my own Ideas and themes. I chose a seemingly ordinary dentist occupation as the foundation to explore a more sinister and gory narrative, which juxtaposed against the bright, flamboyant aesthetic of the design. I challenge the portrayal of ethnicity and female characters in video game by making my character a mixed race, plus size woman from London in her mid 30’s. As a character artist I brand myself in trying to bring the spotlight to unique experiences of another persons lifestyle and USP’s. I embed hints of visual story telling into their clothes, body language and the considered use of colour, shape, form and textural properties. After studying 3D character creation, anatomy and colour theory in my past, I was able to have more control in this project and use a number of tried and tested techniques to reinforce the quality of the work. Following this methodology of character growth, I plan to stretch my skillset further in the future.